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Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes.

John Barrowman, FandomFest 2013 (via swiggityswurban)

As if there weren’t enough reasons already to love this man….

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Emma Grant: "Show, Don't Tell" Tips & Masterlist


Hello! I’m having a hard time with my writing. I seem to be having trouble with the whole “show, don’t tell” thing. If you could help me out, I’d really appreciate it. - anonymous

Show, Don’t Tell is simply a way of letting your reader connect to your plot, your…

Emma Grant

—Podcasting while parenting

My life, suitable for framing. 

Thanks, emmagrant01, for making me feel a little less alone in the constant quest for balance in the work / family / fun equation.


Just a wee outtake from the interview with Reapersun. It has nothing to do with Reapersun, btw. It’s just… well, listen and you’ll see. ;-)

Sherlock fic rec list from the Livestream!







Hey, guys!  I wanted to give it a few days to settle, but now here is the spreadsheet of Sherlock recs from the livestream that Archia, Michi and I did on Saturday!

Thanks SO MUCH to everybody who visited, and everyone who added recs to the list!  I’m looking forward to reading these!

Yay new fics to read! I haven’t heard of a bunch of these, I’m excited.

Oh, I missed the livestream, which makes me sad.  :( 

On the other hand:  Wow, I made it on a Rec List!  Also, there are many here I haven’t read yet.  Sounds like a good weekend.

Yeah for some strange reason one of my fics is on this list. So hot damn am I excited. Also, hello lots of new fics I will need to read omg have no time

If you all want to do another one, maybe with a theme? I’m so there.

Aw, that’s awesome, Science.  It’s probably because of gorgeous imagery and sheer poetry of your prose.  Hooray!

There are some fantastic fics on this list, so have a look!